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3 Easy Ways to Hang Your Narwall Sign

January 9, 2018

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Blog Kickoff: the Narwall HQ

January 1, 2018


Well, here we are. It's 2018 and to kick off the new year we're starting a blog! I'm Paige; my husband, Nate, and I are the team behind Narwall. If you haven't read our "about us" page, start there. Narwall has been in business for four and a half years and this blog has been on the list of things to do because there is so much that I've wanted to document. That's four years of blog ideas stewing around. So get excited!


We get questions every so often about where we make the Narwall products, so to start I wanted to show you inside the "headquarters". We don't get much traffic at our store-front because we're tucked away in the corner of a shopping center. But that's okay because it's usually crazy behind these doors. And if random people stumbled in on our creative process (which involves loud music, scrap wood, and an unimaginable amount of paint cans) they would probably run far, far away. Sometimes a mess should only be seen by its creator, am I right? That being said here is the cleaned up version:



When you walk into the shop your eyes go up to the high, wood planked ceilings and the floating lights (they're called Mooi Random Lamps; found at an estate sale in Atlanta*). From the outside the last thing you're expecting is tall ceilings and an industrial vibe, so people walk in and follow with an "oh wow". The space is basically one large room with a side office which holds our machinery, a computer, etc.


*Forget our wedding or the birth of our child. The day I found those light fixtures was the best day of my life. Kidding, of course!