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3 Easy Ways to Hang Your Narwall Sign

January 9, 2018

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How To: Make a Cohesive Wedding Design

February 27, 2018

Ahh... wedding season is right around the corner! Which means that many of you are either planning your own wedding, or planning one for your best friend or family member. As you know, there are so. many. things. to decide -- starting with the wedding stationery and ending with decorating the getaway car. And with all of those decisions it can be a challenge to get over the hurdle of "oh, that was a pretty wedding" and level up to the "Whoa. That wedding was top-notch and took me to another world!" To experience the latter, a cohesive design style throughout the wedding is a must. For a wedding to have a cohesive style -- the bride & groom's style -- there needs to be consistency. It's tempting to start picking up all the wedding decor that catches your eye, but the end result probably won't make the statement you're looking for. However when you're intentional with the purchases (and you use a designer from to tailor your decor), it can really make an impression.


Brides and wedding planners put a lot of attention into when, where, and how to incorporate the wedding's chosen color palate throughout the event. And rightly so. But there is another detail that I find just as important yet it is often overlooked. If I could give one tip to help make a wedding design flow beautifully, it would be this: select a primary font (or type face, lettering style, whatever you want to call it) and use it throughout the entire event. When you're planning a wedding, or any special occasion, it makes all the difference when you simplify the font selections that are used. When you stop and think about it there are snippets of words and phrases all over a wedding, and they will each have a font assigned to them:


  • Save the dates, Invitations & wedding stationery

  • Welcome sign

  • Wedding programs

  • Guest book & signing instructions 

  • Wedding hashtag

  • Place cards & table assignments

  • Table numbers

  • Menu

  • Decor signage: "reserved", "here comes the bride", bride/groom chair signs, etc.

  • Cake topper

  • Table signs: "desserts" "gifts & cards", etc.

  • Getaway car sign


The idea of streamlining these items is often forgotten about, but when they all have the unifying thread of the same font style, I promise you these little pieces add up to make a HUGE statement. It's similar to when a restaurant selects a font and they repeat it in their signage, their fliers, their menus, etc. That helps distinguish them and it shows their character, and all unforgettable weddings have a bit of that "branding" built in as well.


With this in mind, at we offer a full range of corresponding wedding decor and stationary products that can be customized to compliment one another. We have tailored several "wedding collections" based on our client's unique vision for their wedding - and we would love to create one for you, too.


A font can do so much to convey your style, and the vibe of the wedding is pretty much riding on the font that you choose. To give you an idea of what I mean, here are a few font styles that we offer, which automatically convey specific moods:





Olivia & Danny


Olivia and Danny, a couple that we worked with from Miami, Florida, held a wedding that was nothing short of incredible. Their wedding perfectly illustrates just how big of an impact incorporating the same font throughout the event can have. Take a look:





Olivia was great to work with - truly my ideal client. She had beautiful ideas for her dream wedding, and it was a pleasure to help her turn them into a reality.


This chic wedding involved hints of rose gold which you can see in the cutout place settings, and the table numbers below.