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What is the current turnaround time for orders?

Your order will arrive within 3 weeks of your purchase. Rush orders are possible but a rush shipping fee may apply; please contact us with inquiries.

Please leave the date of your event in the message box during checkout so that we can guarantee it will arrive in time for your event.

Is shipping really free?

Yes! We're happy to offer free shipping worldwide. Most items are shipped via USPS Priority Mail, and certain items are shipped via FedEx or DHL. Expected shipping time is 3-5 business days (these shipping times are estimates, and are not guaranteed). Our items are expertly packaged, but if for some reason your item arrives damaged please contact us right away with a picture of the issue and we'll replace it.

What comes in the box?

Everything to quickly get your sign up and glowing! A ready to glow Narwall neon comes with a complimentary set of mounting pins & a power supply that plugs directly into a conventional outlet. Our standard plugs are made for use in North America, but the plug will be adapted based on the location of the shipping address. For example, if you order a sign to be shipped to London, we will include a plug that is suitable for use in Europe.

Is there a product guarantee?

We're 100% confident in our product, and we want it to be 100% great for you. We offer a one-year warranty on all electrical components (any 'aftermarket' adjustments will void the one-year warranty). Just email with a picture of the issue along with your order confirmation number. It's our way of saying we don't just hang our #narwallneons - we stand behind them! 


Due to the custom made nature of our products we are not accepting returns at this time, but please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any issues.

How do I hang my neon sign?

A set of mounting pins are included with each light. Detailed instructions on how to use the mounting pins can be found here.


If you're looking to hang the sign temporarily at an event, there are holes drilled into the acrylic backing of the sign and you can string wire through these holes for easy hanging. 


If you intend to hang the sign in a store front window please let us know and we can send a set of hanging wires that attach to the ceiling/widow frame.

How do I use my dimmer remote?

First, plug the dimmer controller (silver box) in between the sign and the power supply. Then plug the power supply into the outlet. Add a battery (size AAA or A23) to your dimmer remote. Use the dimmer remote to turn the sign on/off, adjust the sign's brightness, and put the sign into various flashing "party modes." SO FUN! 

How can I get in touch?

We’re still a small team, so to serve as many customers as thoroughly as possible, we don’t take phone calls. Emails to (within 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. EST) are currently being answered quickly. Be sure to follow us on Instagram as well, where our Stories are regularly updated with answers to popular questions.

I noticed that I can upgrade my light to RGB color changing LED. Can you give me details?

The RGB color changing LED is priced higher than the single color LED so please contact us for a quote. You can expect the upgrade to cost $150+ for a 4ft name sign. The RGB LED allows you to change the color of your sign to seven different color choices: Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Green, Pink, and White. The included remote gives you the option to stop the sign on one color, or cycle through the colors at different speeds. It's a great upgrade and so much fun!

What is a Narwall neon made from?

Good news! Our lights are made using 10mm flexible neon LED (which gives the same nostalgic look and feel of traditional glass neon, but has so. many. benefits). The neon LED is mounted on a 4mm transparent acrylic backing.


*Check out the FAQ topic regarding neon LED vs traditional glass neon. It's a good one!

What's the difference between a Narwall neon and a traditional glass neon?

To the untrained eye, Narwall neon LED signs look identical to traditional glass neon signs. But, there are many benefits to using Narwall LED neons! Our signs are silent - no buzzing or humming. Narwall LED neons are virtually unbreakable. Check out our Tiktok video of a golf cart running over a Narwall neon. Spoiler alert: it still works! Narwall neons don't need to be hardwired - they plug right into the wall (of course you can hardwire them if you prefer). Our signs last approximately 50,000 hours which is about 5 years if left running night and day 24/7.


In summary, Narwall neons are the perfect modern alternative, especially for events and in the home! 

Can I use a custom font or design that you don't offer?

Yes! Nearly any font is possible. Websites like are fun to browse and look for free font options. Keep in mind that the neon tubing has no thickness variation so we'll try to replicate your designs as best as possible.

How much will my sign weigh?

Our signs are surprisingly lightweight, but overestimating is helpful so that there will be more than enough mounting support as opposed to less than. Best to be on the safe side! Therefore we recommend that the mounting surface have the ability to hold an excess of 25 pounds. To give you an idea of weights, our "Til Death" sign weighs approximately 14 pounds, and our typical 4ft name sign weighs approximately 16 pounds.

Can the light be run off a battery?

Narwall signs plug into an outlet and are ready to glow. But if you want to use a battery to temporarily power the sign you can try a power bar. A jackery power bar from Amazon has powered our 'Til Death sign for about 2.5 hours. Use at your discretion. We don't make any claims or offer any guarantees about products that are not sold on our website! 

Do you offer a discount if I buy more than one neon?

Yes - because the only thing more fun than one Narwall neon is two! We'll offer a $25 discount on each additional neon. So you can save $25 on two lights, $50 on three, and so on. Contact us to apply the discount. If you're eager to purchase and get your order in the queue, we will refund the amount after the purchase. Or, we can give you a discount code to use during checkout based on the amount of signs you intend to purchase. 

What's the largest size I can make a light?

The maximum size of an acrylic backing is 94 inches x 48 inches. But if a sign consists of many words/design elements then we can put them on their own acrylic boards which essentially makes the size unlimited!

How do I hang my wooden sign?

Detailed instructions on how to hang your wooden sign can be found here.

How bright are the lights?

They're often between 200 - 210 l/ms bright. Most people find that this brightness is perfect for events but is too bright to comfortably have on inside their homes. Fortunately the dimmer remote add-on can give you flexibility to dim the light down by 10% increments until the sign is completely off.

Other fun facts....

There will be a transparent wire that exits the sign on the bottom right side (unless you request elsewhere). This wire will be 6ft long​ (unless you request otherwise) and will attach to the power supply which plugs into the wall.

The acrylic backing of the sign will be made as a contour shape of the letters. If you prefer the acrylic cut as a rectangle, or cut closer to the LEDs (and therefore the sign will be more delicate!), let us know and we're happy to accommodate. We can also make the sign freestanding with an acrylic base - just ask! 

All our signs are made by hand, therefore small amounts of glue may be visible on the acrylic or the tubing. It’s the nature of being handmade. But rest assured that the glue is not apparent when lit.

Our signs are made for indoor use. We can add an additional glue protectant if you plan to use the sign indefinitely outdoors. We have had great results with this protectant, but keep in mind that any outdoor use will void the one-year warranty.

And as a final note... We love to create custom designs! We can combine LED neon with UV printing on the acrylic. We can use various acrylic backing colors... hello, gold mirror acrylic! We can even use LED colors that are not seen on our 14-color chart. The options are endless. So if you think you may need something extra-specialized just let us know and we'll see what we can do. It never hurts to ask!

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