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  • Karly A. Bell

6 Beautiful and Unique Ways to Decorate for Christmas

When decorating this holiday season keep it classy yet unique, and try one of these six creative ideas. 

#1:Wooden Cutouts to Personalize Stockings 

Traditional Christmas stockings never go out of style. Everyone is looking for the next Pintrest idea, but you can always count on classic decor like this to look great for years to come. Our lovely customer, @avej_az-vintage on Instagram, had the innovative idea to use ShopNarwall's cutout name place settings on their family's stockings and it's gorgeous. 

#2 Festive Gift Tags

How about a beautiful cutout to complete your Christmas wrapping style? The cutout adds charm to this classic wrapping adorned with candy cane striped ribbon makes the rustic Christmas look. The gift tags are inexpensive yet gorgeous. They sell in sets of 4 on ShopNarwall's Etsy site

#3 Victorian Chandelier Ornaments

Shabby chic chandelier ornaments will dress up your Christmas tree with elegance and style. These beauties come in any color imaginable. This look is so charming and eye catching it's bound to spread the joy. 

#4 Countdown to Christmas Plaque 

Nothing says Christmas is coming like an anticipating countdown to Christmas wooden plaque hanging on the wall.  With a bag full of numbers you can hang it all year round for you Christmas fans. An idea that looks great long after the holidays are over.

#5 Contemporary Cardboard 

Christmas Trees

Modernize your Christmas focal point with a set of 4 Cardboard Christmas Trees, to show-off the presents and lights for the more modernistic and nontraditoinal decorators of today. Living room decor like this says "let's have fun" all winter long. 

Large Snowflakes 

Like the trees above these Cardboard options are popular due to the minimalism and greener choices that consumers have been leaning towards. These large snowflakes come in a set of four. Put on a mantle or add anywhere in the home to add holiday vibe. This is a fun and creative way to decorate. 

#6 Cheery Calligraphy Wooden Signs

Wooden signs are the hit of the season, but how to make it unique and a statement piece? Chose a holiday phrase of your very own to have custom made. This sign is 3-ft wide birch wood sign and comes in a ton of great color options. Combine a few of these ideas mentioned in this blog, and have an innovative and exclusive decor style in your bright and inspiring home. The greatest part of decorating is up to you. 

If you enjoyed these styles checkout more options for decor at ShopNarwall.

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