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How to: Make a Floral Hoop Wreath in Three Easy Steps!

Huge wreaths with cutout lettering inside are all the rage! They're pretty stunning, right? There are two ways to replicate this look; one being more expensive than the other:

1. Contact a local welder and have a hoop made from metal piping


2. DIY a hoop yourself

This is the easiest DIY so I highly recommend doing it yourself! It's pretty much fail proof, and since we receive questions about these hoops weekly I wanted to make a quick guide on how we made one for our photo shoot. 


1/2" PEX Piping (here)

Rust-oleum Metallic Gold Spray Paint (here)

1/2" Copper Coupling (here)

I purchased a 50ft roll of 1/2" PEX piping and a package of 10 couplings, but if you're just making one hoop then you can buy a shorter length piping and one individual coupling.

STEP 1: Figure out what size to make your hoop.

For my project, I had a 2.5 foot "To the moon and back" sign which I wanted to fit in the middle of my hoop. So, I made my hoop at a diameter of 3 feet to allow for some breathing room around the sign. I laid out the sign on the ground and circled the piping around it to what seemed right, and then I cut the piping down. 

If you're more technically minded, you can always use the C = 2 π R equation we learned back in geometry to find the perfect circumference. 

But the non-mathematical route is the way I went, and I have no regrets. :)

TIP: If you're making an extra large hoop (for example the hoop in the photo below is 5 feet in diameter) then I would recommend getting a thicker PEX piping. The 1/2" piping works great for a 3' hoop, but if the hoop is much larger than that then it starts to become wobbly and looses its perfect circle shape. A thicker tubing should help with this.

"you are the best thing" sign here

Now that you've cut your tubing to the right length...

Step 2: Insert both ends of the tubing into the coupling.

You'll find both copper and plastic couplings at the hardware store - either will work, but the copper coupling is thinner and will make a cleaner look. 

Step 3: Spray paint the piping and coupling.

Using a flat or matte finish spray paint (not a gloss because those often have issues fully drying) paint the front and back sides of the hoop, and be sure to spray the inside and outside edges. You can paint right over the copper coupling so that it matches the rest of the hoop. Once everything is dry then you're ready to hang the hoop and add embellishments. I used Rust-oleum Metallic Gold Spray Paint (here).



I attached some white hydrangeas as well as sprigs of faux greenery to the hoop by using green floral wire. The whole DIY takes less than an hour, and the end result is beautiful!

SIDE NOTE: Hula Hoops are also a great solution for making hoop wreaths. I couldn't find a hula hoop large enough for my project, but if you're making small hoops this would be a perfect alternative. The dollar store sells hula hoops in three sizes -- 20", 24", and 30" -- and since they're only $1 each you can't beat that! (They become available in stores at the beginning of spring and from my experience they sell out pretty quickly.)

Here is the hoop wreath I made using a dollar store hula hoop, and gold spray paint:

Custom name sign here

Please let me know if you make a hoop wreath - I'd love to see how it turns out!

- Paige


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