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5 Unique Honeymoon Ideas to Start Your Marriage Right

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Honeymoons can be as individual as the couples having them. Here are just a few unique ways to start the path of marriage:

Distance Hiking

Distance hiking can be a great way to connect with the romance in nature. It can also be symbolic of beginning a marriage with intention, thought, and goal-making. Distance hiking can be done in many areas of the world. Iceland offers great distance hiking. If you prefer to stay local, The Appalachian Trail is another excellent spot for a complete immersion into nature. This is a honeymoon you both will talk about for years.

Scenic Roadtrip

During your marriage, you will likely experience many new things together. A scenic road trip is a wonderful place to start. Consider a trip along Route 66 in the Western United States, or one of the Top 5 Road Trips in the World. If you are really ambitious, consider traveling across the entire country. Stay in as many different locations as possible. If you are doing your honeymoon on a tight budget, you may even consider sleeping at rest stops in your car (gasp. yes, I said it). You will want to plan, however, for hygiene and rest purposes... we don't want to send your new spouse running!

5 Unique Honeymoon Ideas to Start Your Marriage Right

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Philanthropic Work

Helping others often brings out the best in people. If you’re passionate about helping others, taking a philanthropic honeymoon will bring you closer and start your marriage on a selfless note. This may be disaster relief, religious-based ministry, or volunteer opportunities. Organizations like make organizing this kind of vacation easy.

Surprise Trip

When you get married, you are taking a leap of faith. You can also apply that trust to the honeymoon. Planning a wedding is stressful, so why not allow someone else to plan the honeymoon for you? There are services and travel agents that supply this service. Or, you can opt for a close friend of family member to plan a trip. Simply set a budget, sit back, and wait for the surprise.

Honeymoon at Home

One thing that you do not want to do is start your marriage with debt. For some, this may mean a honeymoon at home. This intimate option can still be romantic when done right. Pick dishes you want to cook together. Look into taking a dance class, a flight lesson, or something exciting that you both would enjoy. After all, a honeymoon is not about where you go. It is about the time you share together.

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There is no one way to enjoy your honeymoon. Talk to your spouse, find what interests you both, and do not feel pressured to fit any societal norms. After all, this is about how you choose to begin your life together!

Whatever you do, enjoy this special time.



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