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5 Ways To Personalize Your Wedding Decor

Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life, and making it extraordinary is going to be on the top of your to-do list for it. Why not make it even more special by adding your personal touch to the décor at the ceremony and reception? With these five simple ways to customize your wedding, you will have a day to remember – without cutting too deep into your budget.

Neon Lights

Nothing makes your union feel more real than seeing your new last name in lights! Neon signs are a unique, fun, and on-trend wedding item that will really make a statement. And since Narwall's LED neon signs last for over 50,000 hours (that's 5 years of running 24/7) you can keep the sign going for years after the big day. The LED neon lights are considered the "new neon" because they have many benefits over the traditional glass neon signs (which are easily breakable and filled with dangerous gases). The flexible LED tubing is robust and ideal for transporting the signs for an event. Perfect for a wedding photo-op!


Centerpieces are another must-have at any wedding reception. There are hundreds of possibilities when it comes to creating your own centerpieces. You can use candles or flowers. If you're on a budget you can also create some interesting centerpieces using tiny dishes filled with beads, sand, or colored rocks. Centerpieces are a great way to show your creative side and tie into your wedding theme. If you want something more practical for your guests, you can add some candy - this way you can also get some personalized candy or uniquely wrapped wedding favors so to add a bit of extra ‘oomph’ and longevity to your wedding as guests are bound to take these home and stash them away.


Everyone loves to see photos of the bride and groom's life leading up to the big day. You can incorporate your photos at the wedding ceremony and the reception. One idea for the ceremony is to print out 8x10 photos and place one at the end of each row down the aisle. Start with the earliest pictures and gradually work your way up to your current age. Place the groom's picture on the right side and the bride's photos on the left. At the reception, you can have photo collages placed throughout the venue. Depending on your individual style and theme, there are many more ideas you can implement as well!

Card Holder

Most wedding guests will bring a card for you. Make sure you have something for them to place the cards inside, maybe even a personalized "wishing well". A basket or a box with a floral wreath atop is also a great idea. Spruce them up by adding ribbons or even balloons that match the colors of your wedding. Place the card holder near the table or area specified for the gifts, so it's easy to find.

Photo by Sam Ortiz for Spring Street Social Society; Balloons by Geronimo Balloons


Balloons are an easy and cheap way to add some flair to your wedding. You can even add your personal touch to them by having custom ribbon ties made with your wedding date and initials on them. Try to get two or three different sized balloons in the same color to get the best look. Place the balloons in groups throughout the wedding venue and reception hall. And bonus: at the end of the night, they will make a great keepsake for the younger guests.

These five décor ideas are fun and inexpensive ways to spice up your wedding day. Your big day will be memorable for everyone who attends!

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