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3 Simple Snazzy Ways to Decorate for a Halloween Party

Looking to throw a Halloween party that is impressive, but is not too complicated? Throwing a party can be fun, but overwhelming with so many options to choose from and setting up. Here are three ways to decorate a Halloween party that are dramatic and exciting, yet simple:

Spooky and Elegant Chandeliers

Transform your home into a Haunted Mansion with awesome eerie chandeliers. Two ways to get this look:

1.) Shop already crafted spooky chandeliers


2.) DIY a chandelier yourself

OR, Both!

I love how @itsinthedetails_vm mastered the Halloween-Birthday combination that special kids born close to the holiday have the pleasure of having. She combined both a Black Jeweled Chandelier as the center chandlier flanked by 2 DIY bat chandeliers.

Looking for something more spooky and unique? Enhance your party with a more Halloween-styled chandelier that the crowd will definitely be impressed with. Add some cobwebs in your setting and this Halloween chandelier below will come to life.

Classy and Gothic Candelabras

Candelabras enhance any table scape to heighten the spooky mood in the room. A conventional candelabra can cost a pretty penny, but these black foam candelabras are a simple and cheap way to enrich the decor. These black snazzy candelabras below coordinate perfectly with the black jeweled chandelier above.

Dimmed Lighting and Candles

Dim the lights down and add some skulls, bones, and other spooky accents around some candles and "Wala" your ambiance is complete! Want to take it up a notch? Add sound effects to your setting. Shouts, snickering, and giggling are the most striking sounds to support the frightfulness of the climate. Check out how @alanajonesmann created an atmosphere to die for!

Please let us know if you use any of these suggestions - We'd love to see how it turns out! Send pictures or tag @Shopnarwall!

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