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Hottest Wedding Trend of 2019: Neon Signs

The results are in - neon signs are definitely trending. Everyone is loving the versatility, personalization, and mood that they can create with so many aspects of their wedding. From a welcome sign to a ceremony or photo booth backdrop they can serve many beautiful purposes. Check it out.

Ceremony Backdrop

The most meaningful moment with a simple phrase that ties it all together. No wonder neons are trending. The quote, bible verse, or phrase that is special to the bride and groom can not only create the most eloquent backdrop, but all you need is a blank wall, and just look how incredible these examples are below.

Couple's Names

How exceptional would it be to get your names in neon lights?! As a photo wall backdrop or a welcome sign to the reception this is such a fun statement piece. Take it home after the wedding and create the most charming accent wall at home. Variety is the spice of life and below are 3 ways to have your name lit up. Even the simplicity of the initials that @erica.sinq had at her wedding nailed the look!

There is no arguing the fact that neon signs make for cool photos. Neons add that retro- classy ambiance to your reception. Night time receptions can now have your ideal colorful glow. Dimmer remotes can allow you to choose the intensity of brightness for your setting. And with a thousand different ways to use neons in your wedding decor, whatever you choose with be the custom piece that adds that personalized touch to your decor and will leave your guests impressed. The best part - no guest will have ever seen yours before. Your neon sign can be unique to you and your love's big day.

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