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Table Number Rental


Select the quantity of table numbers (for example, a quantity of 15 will supply a rental for table numbers one through fifteen). The weekly rental price is $30 per number.

Please enter the dates of your desired rental period (7 days).

After you checkout you will receive a separate invoice to purchase the $200 refundable deposit. The refundable deposit must be paid in order to complete the order.

Your order of table numbers will arrive by the first day of your specified rental period. A return shipping label will be sent with your order. Please have the order in return transit within the 7 day rental period.

Once the table numbers (including the battery packs and acrylic bases) have been returned, the $200 deposit will be refunded.

What's included with the rental? The table number, a clear acrylic freestanding base, a rechargeable battery pack, and two way shipping.

Perks of Narwall Neon Signs

- Safe to touch with relatively no heat

- Very robust and perfect for parties or home decor

- Energy-efficient/eco-friendly LED option (over the traditional glass neon)

- No buzzing sound

The table numbers are available for purchase for $95/each, which includes the rechargeable battery pack and acrylic freestanding base. Please contact us with any inquiries.

Table Number Rental

  • Approximately 4"w x 6"h